El-Nino what in hell-Nino?

This Weather topic submitted by Jassen Tawil on 4/7/98.

For my final project, I first consulted the Syllabus to see what exactly the assignment guidelines were. I then realized that I am not even sure which assignment I am supposed to be writing a proposal for (is it the Climate web page, the paleoClimate web page, the final paper, or the Climate change symposium?) So I sat and thought... I want to take an in depth look at El Nino. El Nino has been in everyone's faces for the last few months, and I want make a comprehensive analysis. I have read about El Nino in everything from the Wall Street Journal to obscure references by writers in Marketing journals. So much has been written about El Nino and I'm still not even sure exactly what it is, what it is doing, and how it is doing it - I doubt the many people crying El Nino even know the answers to these questions. In order to try to satisfy my curiosity I wish to produce a comprehensive web page which documents El Nino '98. I also will take a look at El Ninos of the past which should meet the paleoClimate portion. Finally I will present my El Nino findings at the symposium. From this project my goals are to build my web page production skills and to gain a greater understanding of the El Nino phenomenon.

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