Meterology and Alternative Means for Predicting the Weather

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I. History of meteorlogy
a. early forecacsting means (haven't found very much Research in this area
b. renaissance Weather Forecasting
c. --still looking for books for this area
d. industrial age
e. development from the 1900's to current
II. Current Weather Forecasters
a. relation of meterology to the tv Weatherman
b. deciphering the current Weather Forecasts on tv

III. Alternative ways to predict Weather

a. clouds -I will be documenting my cloud predictions
1)my photographs of clouds
2)accuracy of my predictions
b. orthographic means of telling the Weather -HELP -I haven't been able to find anything on this, but I know that you can tell the Weather by other environmental factors

IV. Implications of current Weather Forecasts on tv
a. confusion -why are they written this way?
b. gives one individual the knowledge for the masses
V. Conclusion?????

possible references (i.e. all I've found so far)
Petterssen, Sverre _Weather Analysis & Forecasting_
Brown, Terry _Concise Book of The Weather_
Heninger, S.K. _A Handbook of Renaissance Meterology_
Starr, Victor P. _Basic Principles of Weather Forecasting_

web page -my web page will either be on the Weatherman icon, and deciphering what he says, and "How to
Get Along without a Weatherman or computer"
or A web page of my cloud predictions and pictures

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