Plate Tectonics effects on Climate

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Over the course of the last thirty years, plate tectonics has drastically changed how we view our planets geology. Through knowledge of plate tectonics, we have better understood the shape of the continents, arrangements of mountain ranges, the cause of "hot spots," volcanoes, and many other phenomena that occur on our planet. I would like to explore how plate tectonics shapes the daily Weather of Earth, focusing on, but not limited to, volcanic activity by looking at Sources of Mt. Vesuvius, and its many eruptions, from ancient to modern. Tambora which caused the "year with no summer" in the early 1800's, and the recent data taken on the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, in the Philippines. In order to do this, I will begin with a general discussion on the topic of plate tectonics, and how such volcanic eruption impacts the global Climate. I will then move into looking at these specific Sources, and explaining the specific effects on the earth's Weather. I hope to also find other connections with plate tectonics and our Climate as well in my Research.


Press, Frank and Raymond Siever. Understanding Earth.

Pliny the Younger's notes on the Vesuvius eruption

National Geophysics Data Center: Mount Pinatubo : the June 1991 eruptions

Other web reSources, and whatever else I might find in the near future.

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