In a Conservation Easement with Tall Timbers Land Conservancy

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In 2012, Donna and I purchased ~150 acres of land in the Florida Big Bend region ESE of Tallahassee. To some people this land may not hold much value. To us, however, it's paradise! The property consists of a huge freshwater wetland, mixed hardwood forests, tupelo gum and cypress dominated swamps, and scrub oak forests. Live oaks are abundant. Trails run through the property. Wildlife is abundant!

Our dream was to put the property in a conservation easement similar to what we've done with our Ohio property known asĀ Edge of the Farm Conservation Area--(easement with the excellent Three Valley Conservation Trust). We placed our Florida conservation easement with the outstandingĀ Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy. The property, known as Big Bend Wildlands Preserve, with the exception of a small homesite, will forever be protected from development.

Our vision is to conserve biodiversity and to educate and share with others some of the wonders of the world around us.

This page is currently in development and will change over time. If you have any questions, we can be reached at bigbendwildlands@gmail.com


  • A great late fall THANKSGIVING 2018 visit to Big Bend Wildlands Preserve
  • VISITORS and STEWARDS to Big Bend Wildlands Preserve Thanks folks for playing a part in our conservation project!
  • We have lots of wildlife at the preserve. Here are a few images taken with trail cameras - WILDLIFE Photos at and near the Big Bend Wildlands Preserve
  • The scenery at the preserve is beautiful! Here we have a number of LANDSCAPE PHOTOS that capture a little bit of the beauty of the property.
  • We've built two Bird Observation Platforms that overlook our large freshwater wetland. Here are some photos of the construction-- CYPRESS GROVE BOARDWALK and COTTONMOUTH ALLEY BOARDWALK
  • CLOUDS at Big Bend Wildlands Preserve! I guess that you can say that I like clouds!
  • INSECTS & ARACNIDS of all Denominations!
  • Some Aerial PHOTOGRAPHY of the property using a drone!
  • A fine mix or Potpourri of PLANTS & ANIMALS found at the Florida Big Bend Wildlands Preserve


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