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These are Research Ideas for Global Climate Change , Spring 2002. Please feel free to browse...

You can Input Your Research Ideas/Questions , and then review feedback on this page. Or, just look at what other students plan to do.

Peer Review is a fundamental component of doing science.To help make your discussion projects more scientifically sound, you are being called upon to put forward ideas, proposals, lab packets and final report as well as provide feedback to your peers.

Each Project Idea must include (1) a Research Question(s); (2) Specific Predictions; (3) a Preliminary Research Design; and, (4) a Minimum of 5 Library/Journal references that relate to your research question. (5) a Minimum of 5 Website references that are pertinent to your study. Make sure the URLs are "Hot" links (see instructions). Also, be sure to include a brief explanation as to why you selected these specific websites. (6) a Minimum of 5 PDF reference articles in your "Study Folder" (see "web posting" instructions). Also, be sure to include a brief explanation as to why you selected these specific articles.

Some Important Considerations: (1) Be practical! Not all questions are "good" questions! (2) Discuss your research ideas with one another; and (3) It's your idea. Make it work!

Global Climate Change Ideas:

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