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Ever want to just look at maps already downloaded that cover lots of weather territory? Well, here is a complete suite of maps. The sources are included with each piece. So, .....

Many of the Maps are Randomly Selected . Click Reload for Different Possibilities!

And of course, specific topics and a much more complete listing of links can be found at:

Main Street Weather (Weather Home Base!!)

"Text Only" Link

of the same weather sites. Not as interesting, but download time is much quicker!

Radar and Severe Weather

Get the latest predictions on severe weather

Just the Maps & Views!

While far from complete, these downloaded views provide for a satisfying overview of North American Weather.

Satellite Links

A complete text listing of satellite images and movies.

Hurricanes & Tropical Weather

It's all Here!

Satellite Downloads and Other Maps

Real-time satellite movies automatically downloaded

Numerical Models and Forecasting Page

Midwest Weather!

Here is a separate page with Midwest weather highlights.

Weather Discussions! Go Here for an Introduction

Interested in discussing the latest storm or weather maps? Care to make a forecast? Or just want to comment on what others have had to say? Well, here's your chance........

Upper Air Map--250, 300, 500 MB Map or Radar (Randomly Selected!)

300 mb Map from the Ohio State Weather Machine (Click on Map for a Larger View)

Surface Maps

US Surface Map. Compliments of The University of Albany (Click on Map for a Larger View)

North American Temperature Map. Can you locate boundaries between air masses? Click on the map for a larger view. (From UCAR )

Randomly Selected Models and Satellite Imagery (Press Reload for Other Possibilities!)

The latest visible imagery of the Atlantic Basin. (From Purdue )


To the NOAA homepage National Weather Service To the NWS homepage
 National Doppler Radar Reflectivity 

Additional Views
National | Loop
Alaska | Loop
Hawaii | Loop
Guam | Loop
Puerto Rico | Loop

Additional Links
NWS Homepage
About this Mosaic
To view a local radar, select area of interest and click on the image below.
Seattle/Tacoma Spokane Portland Medford Pendelton Boise Missoula Great Falls Glasgow Minot AFB Bismark Grand Forks Duluth Aberdeen Rapid City Billings Eureka Beale AFB Sacramento San Francisco Bay Area San Joaquin Valley Vandenberg AFB Los Angeles Santa Ana Mountains Edwards AFB Reno Elko Las Vegas San Diego Yuma Phoenix Tucson Flagstaff Cedar City Salt Lake City Pocatello/Idaho Falls Riverton Grand Junction Cheyenne Denver/Boulder Pueblo Albuquerque North Platte Goodland Dodge City Amarillo Cannon AFB Holloman AFB El Paso Lubbock Midland/Odessa San Angelo Laughlin AFB Brownsville Corpus Christi Austin/San Antonio Central Texas Dyess AFB Frederick Vance AFB Oklahoma City Dallas/Fort Worth Tulsa Wichita Hastings Topeka Omaha Sioux Falls Minneapolis Marquette Gaylord Green Bay La Crosse Des Moines Quad Cities Milwaukee Grand Rapids/Muskegon Detroit Chicago Kansas City/Pleasant Hill St. Louis Springfield Central Illinois Paducah Western Arkansas/Fort Smith Little Rock Memphis Shreveport Houston/Galveston Lake Charles Fort Polk Jackson New Orleans/Baton Rouge Caribou Burlington Portland Montague Boston Albany Buffalo Binghamton Upton Northern Indiana Cleveland Philadelphia State College Pittsburgh Indianapolis Wilmington Louisville Fort Campbell Jackson Dover AFB Sterling Charleston Wakefield Blacksburg Morehead City Raleigh/Durham Knoxville/Tri Cities Nashville Wilmington Greer Columbia Northern Alabama Atlanta Charleston Robins AFB Columbus AFB Birmingham East Alabama Jacksonville Moody AFB Fort Rucker Mobile Northwest Florida Tallahassee Melbourne Tampa Bay Area Miami Key West

Various Computer Models Randomly Selected (Press Reload for Other Possibilities!)

NGM 4-Panel 500 mb Forecast (12, 24, 36, 48 hrs). The 500 mb chart shows the absolute vorticity (in color contours), the height field (in white lines) and wind vectors. Courtesy of the Purdue Weather Processor (Click on Map for a Larger View)

Either a CAPE, a Northern Hemisphere Model, MRF 48 hr Surface, MRF 120 hr 500 MB

ETA Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) and Precipitable Water (colored contours, precip in mm): As stated by COLA "In the analysis and forecasts for the ETA model, the yellow-brown shading indicates the amount of CAPE in the atmosphere, which is a good indicator of the potential for strong thunderstorms and severe weather. High values of CAPE indicate that most (but not necessarily all) conditions exist for strong thunderstorms." ( Click on Map for a Larger View )

Severe Weather Outlook

From NOAA Storm Prediction Center

SPC MESOSCALE DISCUSSION --Graphic illustrating the severe weather analysis of the day with regional details!

GOES 8 Water Vapor: United States, Gulf of Mexico, and Eastern Atlantic (NOAA)

Water Vapor Loops are ideal for viewing many phenomema. Look for subtle moisture feeds, eddies, dry slots, large upper level low pressure systems, troughs, jet streaks, and short waves

Water Vapor Loops are ideal for viewing many phenomema. Look for subtle moisture feeds, eddies, dry slots, large upper level low pressure systems, troughs, jet streaks, and short waves. Compare with the IR Loop above. This Movie is a GOES 8 False Color Water Vapor Loop of the Atlantic Basin. Dark Brown Colors Signify High Cloud Tops & High Moisture Content. Light Blue Usually Signifies Dry, Sinking Air. From Plymouth State College's Weather page. If you see something interesting in the tropics, visit the HURRICANE SITE.

Infrared of North America and the Eastern Atlantic Ocean

West Conus Water Vapor of the Western US and East Pacific

An Infrared Loop of North America to Africa From NRL Monterey Satellite Applications . If you have a mac and get a "broken-link," click on the map & download Quicktime 3.0, QuickTime MPEG Extension 1.0, and the Quicktime Plug-in 2.0 for the Power Macintosh. If you see something interesting in the tropics, visit the HURRICANE SITE.

For Your Viewing Pleasure :Either Wind Flow, a Caribbean Surface Map, , or a RUC 12 hour 500 mb Update

UCAR Rapid Cycle 500 MB 12 Hour Prediction (Click on Map for a Larger View)

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