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Some of our happy group at Lighthouse Cave, San Salvador, Bahamas.

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On-Campus Course Syllabi & Student Research Forum

Browse here to learn about a variety of courses taught on the Miami campus in Oxford both in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Department of Geology. Includes detailed syllabii and our new research and discussion forum.

On-Campus Syllabii & Research Postings

Fall 2003, NS 1, Research in the Environmental Sciences
Fall 2003, Geology 205: Evolution and Earth Systems
Spring 2003 Global Climate Change
Spring 2003, Rivers: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Fall 2002, NS1-Participatory Research in the Environmental Sciences
Fall 2002, GLG 205: Evolution and Earth Systems
Spring 2002-Global Climate Change
Spring 2002-Rivers: Images, Policy and Science
Fall 2001 NS1: Participatory Research in the Environmental Sciences
WCP 222, Spring (2001): The Nature of Human Nature
WCP 401/GLG401-501: Global Climate Change (Spring, 2001)
WCP 222, fall (2000): From the Universe to the Duck Pond....
WCP 121/123, Fall (1999): From the Universe to the Duck Pond: Exploring Patterns & Processes in Natural Systems
WCP 222, Spring (1999): Critical Reflections on the Life Sciences: Lives in Science
Project Dragonfly-Cyberworkshop--GLG 599.I, Spring (1999): Technology in the Inquiry Based Science Curriculum
Natural Systems 1, Fall (1998): From the Universe to the Duck Pond: Exploring Patterns & Processes in Natural Systems  
Geology 205, Fall (1998): Evolution and Earth Systems
WCP 333:Junior Seminar, Spring (1998):  Global Climate Change: Past, Present & Future

Discussion & Feedback:

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 Severe Weather Discussions
Student Forecast Challenges
 Climate Change Proposals and Projects
WCP 222, Spring (1998) : The Nature of Human Nature
Geology 405, Fall (1997):   Evolution, Extinction and Paleobiology
WCP 123, Fall (1997): From the Universe to the Duck Pond: Exploring Patterns & Processes in Natural Systems  

Many of our courses involve discovery-oriented original research. Much like professional scientists, students are given the responsibilty of generating their own project ideas and proposals which lead to their own original research. Feel free to browse the recent project and research submissions. Heck, you can even give the students your own opinions and suggestions concerning their work!

Student Research--Past & Present

Student Research Submissions by Topic

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Field Courses:

I have taught a total of 23 field seasons in the tropics while at Miami University. Participants have included undergraduates, graduate students in zoology, geography, geology and botany, and teachers. Information on the field courses includes course syllabii, registration info and wonderful images from Costa Rica, the Everglades, Florida Keys and the Bahamas. Tropical Marine Ecology is a Miami Plan course and part of the geology thematic sequence Oceanography .

Tropical Ecosystem COURSES

2004 Syllabus :Tropical Marine Ecology of the Florida Keys, Everglades, & San Salvador, Bahamas

Brief Marine Ecology Course Announcement & Description

Images: Tropical Marine Ecology of the Florida Keys, Everglades, and San Salvador, Bahamas

2004 Syllabus:Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica Images: Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica

Look at previous years' submissions:

Field Course Discussions/Presentations-2003, '02,'01,'00, '99 and '98
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Discovery Labs

The Frisbee Lab :

An introduction to sampling design and statistical methods

The Sun Lab :

Use sun angles to determine one's latitude

The Moon Lab :

Understanding the familiar via observation & experiment

Taxonomy Lab:

An introduction to taxonomy and classification

Geologic Time:

Students generate their own metaphors for geologic time

Kepler's Laws and Jupiter's Moons

Students view Jupiter's Galilean satellites to "prove" Kepler's Laws

Besides original research, students also do what we call "Instructor Generated Labs." We try to make these experiences challenging and fun. Take a look!

Tropical Ecosystem Honors Courses--Table of Contents

Tropical Ecosystem Honors Course Syllabi

Tropical Ecosystem Discussion Sites

Interdisciplinary Studies: Natural Science Program

In the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, we get to experiment with unique science pedagogies and teach some rather unique courses. Our class and lab experiences can be dynamic. Here is part of my teaching philosophy.

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