Lets watch the leaves fall

This topic submitted by Tiffany Trabold,Katie Rothery,Scott Vogel,Isaac Smith,Chris Spirko,Erin White ( Tiffanyte@hotmail.com ) on 10/1/00 .

Our study will be about the seasonal process of tree metamorphasis in and around the Oxford area. We will be doing intense testing to collect data in the areas of wind, water, population, location, density, and general leaf loss and change of color effect the trees. Our hypothesis is that the effects of change will be more evident here on campus. We plan to have a better understanding of the process of change on the leaves in the fall. It is interesting because the leaves change ever fall and many people take this process for granted.

Relevance to Reasearch:
Currently we don't know of any other research on this subject but we are looking for it and appreciate any help in our search.
A larger question which our research will relate to is the seasonal/environmental effects on trees in Oxford.

Materials and Methods
Our experimental design will include biweekly pictorial accounts of our chosen trees. We will be looking for rates of color change and leaf loss over our research period. The class can give us input with their general observations of the trees around Oxford. As the season changes from fall into winter we'll be looking for the different changes taking place in the trees. So, as the year progresses our observations will shift to meet these new qualities.

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