Biology of Coral Reefs (Outline)

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The "Biology of Coral Reefs" will give the basic information on corals: anatomy, diet, habitat, and adaptations. Included will be information on some of the other biota of the reef ecosystem. Coral reefs are an exciting animal to see in all its color, shape, and habitat. The information could be adapted as an introductory lesson into tropical marine ecology.

I. Living Treasures of the Sea
II. Biology of Coral
A. Anatomy and Physiology
B. Diet and Eating Mechanism
C. Adaptations for the Aquatic Environment
D. Reproduction
E. Habitat and Distribution
III. Geological History and Formation
IV. Reef Ecosystem
A. Biota of the Reef
B. Longevity and Causes of Death
V. Conservation: The Delicate World

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