Draft #1: Florida Key Deer...The even-toed ungulate

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The discussion on Florida Key deer will focus on theories of their origin and isolation in the southern U.S. as an endemic subspecies. Deer of the order Artiodactyl (even-toed) are commonly found throughout North America, but the Key deer has a limited latitudinal range as opposed to the close relatives of White-tailed deer found further north. Descriptions of even and odd-toed ungulates will reinforce the evolutionary importance of having 1,2,3, or 4 keratinized toes.
The topic was chosen because of an avid interest in and experience with the biological characteristics of deer in the Miami Valley.

I. Evolutionary History of Ungulates
a. Artiodactyla in N. America
b. Even vs. odd-toed ungulates
II. Anatomical Characteristics
a. size
b. teeth
III. Physiological Characteristics
a. digestive system
b. sensory
IV. Behavioral Characteristics
a. reproduction
b. feeding
c. socialization
V. Historical and Present Status of Key deer
a. conservation


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