Proposed Ecology Unit

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Proposed Ecology Unit Outline – Tracy Klug

Objective: To teach ecology by comparing rain forests and oceans.

1. Compare and contrast the available light in the strata of the rainforest to the strata of the ocean.
2. Define and give examples of food webs, food chains and biomagnification in the ocean and the rainforest.
3. Give examples and compare/contrast the general roles of organisms in both (ex-butterfly has similar markings – colorful and pseudo-eyespots – to reef fish)
4. Define biotic and abiotic factors and apply to creatures of the reef and the rainforest.
5. Define abiotic and biotic factors of biomes (grassland, tundra, savannah, coniferous forests, deciduous forests, rainforests, desert, ocean)
a. Relate grassland, forests, and desert to properties of ocean floor
b. Create a map of the biomes
6. Define, explain and give examples of types of succession
7. Show interactions among all biomes and humans
a. Pollution
i. Global warming
ii. Acid rain
b. Nutrient rich environments
c. Sediment
i. From deforestation
ii. From loss of mangroves
iii. Coral reefs
d. Introduction of species
i. Everglades example with weedy tree (revisit succession)
ii. Brown tree snake

Possible labs/activities:
1. Compare sediment runoff from grass covered land to bare dirt
2. Study Rocky Fork Creek abiotic and biotic factors – How do changes in factors effect organisms?
3. Observe evidence of succession at Rocky Fork Creek
4. Hands-on labs dealing with water and air pollution (oil spills?)
5. Lab to discover the difference in algae growth in nutrient rich environments vs. natural environments
6. Population sampling labs and catch and release labs

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