Cloud Forest and how they affect the Environment locally and globally - draft 1

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I plan on looking at the Cloud Forests and how they impact their local environmnet and how they impact the global environment.

What is a Cloud Forest
*A cloud forest is a specific type of rainforest
*Cloud forests are found only in mountain areas
*Temperatures are much cooler than in surrounding lowland forests
*The forest is immersed in clouds most of the time, with water being deposited directly from the clouds onto leaves and other vegetation

How Cloud Forests Affect the Sounding Environment/
*important sources of fresh water, providing clean water supplies for human consumption, agricultural and industrial uses near and far
*The forests provide direct income to local residents through ecotourism and other mechanisms
*Education and sociology

How Cloud Forest Affect the Globe
*absorb carbon dioxide, thus helping to slow the effects of global warming
*may be an important source of pharmaceuticals for treatment of disease
*knowledge and benefits of unique and rare ecosystems in foreign lands

Threats to Cloud Forests
*Hunting and poaching
*Scientists believe that global warming is beginning to cause disruptions in cloud forest ecosystems
*Increasing UV exposure could be an especially serious problem in mountainous cloud forests, where UV light is already more intense than in lowland areas
*Introduction of non-native species is a constant threat to the biodiversity



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Oxford University Press, 2000

Hamilton Lawrence S. , "Tropical montane cloud forests", New York : Springer-Verlag, c1995

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