Draft 1 - Geology and Natural Disasters in Costa Rica

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For my presentation, I would like to educate the group about the geology of Costa Rica, and its basic landforms. This will be helpful to better understand the layout of the country and the differences in the living things that are found in each area. I also find it interesting that Costa Rica is susceptible to a variety of natural disasters, and I will discuss how the geology of the land contributes to these. Lastly, the people living in these disaster areas have been dealing with these occurrences for thousands of years and I want to look at the steps they have taken to lessen the damages caused by them.


A Basic geology and biomes covering Costa Rica
1 mountains
2 rainforest
3 coastal plain
4 tertiary basin
5 quaternary volcanic ranges

B Natural Disasters that Costa Rica is prone to
1 volcanoes
2 earthquakes
3 landslides
4 floods

C The relationship between geology and natural disasters
1 what geologic factors cause these natural disasters

D Methods people of Costa Rica are using to deal with natural disasters
1 dams


Fisher, Richard V. and Smith, Gary A. Sedimentation in Volcanic Settings.
Society for Sedimentary Geology

A website about the volcanoes and geology of Costa Rica

Smithsonioan Topical Research Institution

United States Geological Survey

Basic information about Costa Rica geology and land cover

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