Save the turtles!

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Hey Jenny -

Just a reminder that your final submission is due on April 1, which isn't too far away. It isn't the five page paper, but it is a more complete synthesis of what you expect to speak and write. This will help you narrow down the topics and write a better paper in the long run. While the paper can be long, the presentation can only be 15 minutes...just something to keep in mind.

The ideas you have listed are good ones, but there are a lot of them, even for a five page paper. I hope you have gotten in touch with the people Doug Escribano suggested; they sound like they could give you some significant first-hand information.

I don't know if you intend to focus on one species of turtle or not, but you my want to consider that. The one species that we (hope to) see will be the leather back, which is where you'll be working after the trip. You may want to use the leather back as your focus for your presentation. Some info that will be shocking to many could include: size (they're so big!), nesting and migration patterns, conservation projects (where and why...turtle eggs on the black market). I think that will be plenty for a fifteen minute talk. Plus, people will have questions they want to ask you, so anything else you know at that time may be helpful.

Ok, I'm done babbling for now. Good luck!

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