Topic Idea: Sea Turtle Conservation

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Well, this is just a rough idea, but I would like to work on this and combine it with my (hopeful - cross my fingers and make a wish) summer scholars project. So, I would like to research sea turtles and those in South America and Costa Rica in specific. I want to learn about their biological background and living/breeding habits and what makes them more susceptible to human impacts, etc. I want to look into the stability of their current populations and how people are trying to change the impact they are having on the turtle populations and how (if and where) they are trying to help. By what means are sea turtle conservation programs carried out? How do they interact with local people? Are different species more endangered than others? If so, why? Many sea turtle conservation programs are based near nesting grounds, are the turtles being affected by humans in other areas along their migration route? Etc, etc. If you have any other suggestions I'd be more than happy to hear them. Thanks! Hope you're all having fun!

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