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Hi Matt -

I'm going to be one of the TAs for this course, and I thought I'd send you a little note about your topic. It's a great one! We get to check out a Costa Rican mangrove system first hand. It's one of the great field trips of the course.

I know the paper is supposed to be five pages or so, but your presentation can only be fifteen minutes. Might I suggest the following:
What is a mangrove (tree or ecosystem or both)?
What are the mangrove species you'll expect to find in CR? (there is one species endemic to the area, but I can't tell you the name of it...Hays would kill me!)
What kinds of animals can you find in mangroves?
What special adaptations do mangrove inhabitants have?

There are plenty of other areas you can examine, but I think those are a few of the highlights that you may want to look for while you are doing your research. Also, be sure to check past papers/presentations from the CR course for additional resources.

Good luck!

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