Grade 2 Ocean Unit Outline Draft #1

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What a beautiful frog! Only in Costa Rica!

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Ocean Unit - Grade 2
Debbie Glass

Welcome to the Ocean
1. Introduce the oceans, provide background information
-Find and label the oceans on a map
-Paper plate activity showing the approximate size of the oceans
2. Salt Water Activities
-Experiment 1: How do we know that the ocean contains salt?
-Experiment 2: Egg in salt water vs. fresh water
-Create a VENN diagram comparing salt water to fresh water

Beaches and Coastlines
1. Beach Bucket Scavenger Hunt: Students explore beach debris and sand
2. Drawing Organisms and Habitats: Students will draw animals found on the beach or near the coast and draw the habitat you would find them in.
3. Coral Reef Background Information
-create pop-up coral reef
-color the coral reef

Animals in the Ocean
1. Alien Adventure: Students explore the variety of animals found in the ocean while listening to a story.
2. Students will create a pull through window showing the different layers in the ocean and the animals that reside there.
3. Students will compare the sizes of many sea creatures.
4. Students will label a fish.
5. Webs and Chains
-Introduce sea food chain and pyramid and discuss.
-Students will create a food web using index cards and yarn
6. Adaptations
-Camouflage Game: Students will try to find fish throughout the room that may blend in to the surroundings.
-discuss shape and coloration
-complete the Undersea Hide and Seek worksheets

People and the Ocean
1. Discuss uses of the ocean to people. Make a chart.
2. Ocean in a Bottle: Students will explore what items mix with water and which would be considered pollution.

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