Outline #2: Sea Turtle Conservation

Some of the class stands by the Sundial at the Lighthouse on San Salvador, Bahamas. See other beautiful phenomena from the Bahamas.

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Sea turtles are amazing creatures that live in a world of mystery --the ocean. As each day goes by we are able to understand more about their world, but humans are not aware of the harm they cause these animals. It is sad to think that the number of sea turtles is decline because of natural events, but also because of human activities. Sea Turtle conservation programs have been around for several years, but the number of turtle nesting sites is still declining. This is showing that conservation programs, research, and public education needs to grow and become stronger.

A. Natural History

1. range
2. habitat
3. diet
4. breeding

B. Threats

1. Human threats
a. lighting
b. development
c. trash
d. pollutants
e. all-terrain vehicles
f. shrimping industry

2. Natural

a. predators
b. temperatures
c. water level changes
d. increase in storms

C. Programs

1. Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research

a. research
b. international and national committees
c. tagging program
d. satellite telemetry tracking projects
e. discussion network

2. National Wildlife Federation

a. turtle monitoring
b. beach clean-ups
c. research
d. education

3. Caribbean Conservation Corporation

a. education
b. research
c. advocacy
d. refuge


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