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Jen, Stacy and Tom relax on their way to Gaulin Reef in the Bahamas

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

I chose to research a caribbean bird species which is an occasional straggler to the Florida coastline. Everyone knows the Flamingo as a bright pink bird with a long neck and long skinny legs, but there is much more to learn! I will introduce my topic with an old folk tale of how birds, all of which used to be white, came to have different colors. I will proceed to discuss the classification of the bird, along with characteristics of these large waders. Found exclusively in our area of research this summer, this bird is a perfect topic of study, especially since the Bahamian island of Inagua is home to the largest colony of Caribbean Flamingos on the planet!

The Caribbean Flamingo

- Classification: Phoenicopterus ruber

- Geographic range/ distribution

- Physical characteristics: head, tongue, appendages, feathers, brain vs. eye size, etc.

- What makes Flamingos pink? food habits: how they eat, what they eat

- Reproduction: copulation, nesting, egg laying, feeding young, flightless period

- Behavior: flight, swim, sleep, vocalization, "communal stomp", "head flagging"

- Habitat: can remain healthy in unnatural zoo environment, but pink color fades to white

- Migration: move in herds, or "pats", of hundreds to thousands

- Senses: hear, sight, taste etc.

- Predators and who protects them: Bahamas National Parks

- Importance to humans/ human interaction


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