Topic Outline: Mollusks of the Bahamas

Every now and then we catch a Boa Constrictor, Drake Bay, Costa Rica!

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I plan to facilitate an informative peace that will be based upon my U.S.S. Award and how I am interested in the effects of global change on such a pristine tropical lagoon. I plan to discuss what it is exactly that I am researching as well as share my discoveries and knowledge of the molluscan species in the harbor. I plan on sharing my hypotheses of what I plan on researching as well as share my intutitve conjectures as to what I think I will find. the I will teach the class how to measure and identify the various mollusks.
I plan to present a forum of discussion and learning about the molluscan species in the Bahamas.

I. Introduction and Background of my USS and the molluscan species.
a) Global change and its effects on the lagoon.
b)The habitat and its necessity to the growth of the lagoon.
II. A brief description of the anatomy of the mollusk.
III.What others have done in this field of study.
IV. Why studying the effects of global change is at all relevant.
V. Death Assemblage
a)What it is
b)Why its important to learning about the environment
c)The last two records of 500 years ago and 10 years ago.
VI. Show and teach the top 15 most prevelant species in the harbor.
a)Actual take species from the harbor and teach them to the class
b)Teach the class how to measure and spot the various species in the sand
VI. What we can do to help change the world and help do our part in the growing appearance of global impact events.

Cites and sources will be named at a later time....
I plan to find several research articles dealing with the effects of global change on the mollusks beyond the articles I as well as several factual books describing the anatomy and function of them as well.

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