Crocodilians: An Order of Fear (updated)

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Every now and then we catch a Boa Constrictor, Drake Bay, Costa Rica!

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

We will learn about the order of the Crocodilians, possibly the most feared order on Earth! Crocodilians are amazing primitive, yet successful, animals. They have been around since the dinosaurs but are facing their biggest challenge surviving today because of us! It is important we all learn about and respect these creatures because human ignorance may ultimately be killing the crocodilians.

I. Evolution/history
II. Order Crocodilia
a. Gavialidae
b. Crocodilidae
c. Alligatoridae
III. Crocodilian Ecology
a. Breeding
b. Diet
c. Distribution
IV. Conservation
V. Crocodilians of Costa Rica


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