Natural history of Dendrobates pumilio-strawberry poison dart frog

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I am going to discuss a few aspects of the strawberry poison dart frog. A brief overview of natural history and toxicity with focus on extended parental care. In addition, I will discuss some biodiversity outreach and bioprospecting that is occurring in Costa Rica for flora/fauna and possible future threats to the strawberry poison dart frog.

A. Natural history of D. pumilio
1. geographic location
2. diet
3. breeding season

B. Toxicity
1. acquiring toxicity
2. captive studies
3. types of toxins

C. Parental care
1. extended care
2. male and female care
3. territorial
a. tadpoles
b. males

D. Biodiversity
1. conservation efforts
2. biodiversity education
3. bioprospecting

E. Future Threats
1. climate change
2. deforestation


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