outline: Malaria: the Pestilence of Eden

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Beautiful Brain and Boulder Corals at the French Bay Wall, 30 m deep, San Salvador, Bahamas.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

This outline is not complete and neither is my resource list (which I will submit tomorrow) but I wanted to post something before the last minute. I think malaria is a valid topic for any tropical ecosystems study, especially since my doctor made a fuss about the chemoprophylaxis that are available. I want to present a general overview of the disease and the parasites that cause it. There is a copious amount of information that cannot be included in a 5 page paper, so my focus will be:transmission, life cycle, physiology and symptomology, and medical treatment. My hopeful, but so far unsuccessful endeavor, is to find info relating to Costa Rica specifically.

I. Malaria Overview

a)carrying agents (mosquitos)

b)places at risk

c)common symptomology

d)fundamantals of parasitic infection (obligate, facultative, micro, macro)

e)drugs as chemoprophylaxis and treatment

f)Rare sources of infection and immunity

II. Detailed: mosquitos and places of risk

a)climate factors

b)Common routes of infection

c)Pregnant women, children and unforseen complications

III. Detailed: Symptomology

a)classic symptoms (cyclic behavior)

b)hemolysis as the basis for cyclic action

c)Plasmodium Falciparum: severe malaria

d)Immuntiy in local popolations (Sickle cell anemia)


IV. Detailed: Parasite Infection

a)P. Vivax, P. Malariae, P. Ovale, P. Falciparum

b)Parasite life cycle in host/mosquito/human

V. Detailed: Diagnosis and treatment/prevention

a) Blood smears (thick and thin)

b)determining treatment based on species and % infection

c) Prevention: DEET, chemoprophylaxis, vaccinations in research

d)drug resistance in plasmodia

VI. Costa Rica (this is incomplete in my opinion since i have little research for this topic currently)


b) Nicoragua and migrant workers as carrying agents

c) low risk areas

yep yep, thats what i have so far. Comments are welcome. I'll update this asap.


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