Neotropical Poison Frogs

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Neotropical Poison Frogs

Poison frogs, more commonly known as poison dart frogs, are one of the more unique families of organisms of the Neotropics with their beautiful coloration and toxic skin. I plan to study the basic biology of these frogs, including their habitat, life cycle, and role in the ecosystem. I will also investigate the basis of txicity and effects of their toxins. Finally, I will examine the importance of these fascinating creatures to human life. Native tribes discovered the value of the frogs' toxins, and now we are beginning to apply the same toxins to the modern medical scene.


I. Intro

II. Biological Information about Poison Frogs
A. Types
1. Genus Dendrobates
2. Genus Colostethus
3. Genus Phyllobates
ex. Phyllobates terribilis
B. Physical Characteristics
1. Size
2. Coloration
C. Habitat and Geographical Distribution
D. Reproductive Behavior
E. Life Cycle
F. Role in the Ecosystem

III. Toxicity of Poison Frogs
A. Basis of Toxicity
B. Batrachotoxin
C. Exposure Pathways
D. Effects of toxins
E. Levels of Toxicity in Captivity

IV. Human Uses
A. Native Tribes' Uses of Frogs
B.Modern Uses in Medicine

V. Conclusion


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