Orchidaceous mycorrhizal fungi

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Tara and Scott SCUBA along the Wall at Runway Ten, 15 m deep, San Salvador, Bahamas.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University


I’ve always been attracted to plants for many different reasons. One of the first is the spectacular colors and shapes of plants and their flowers. Last year after surveying much of the Costa Rican vegetation, I became even more fascinated with a certain kind of plant species known as the orchid. As most everyone that has seen a beautiful orchid knows, they are probably the most stunning of all plants in the world. After furthering my studies in botany I found more facts about orchids that I hadn’t before seen. One of these is the intense interaction between orchids and fungi, specifically mycorrhizal fungi. So I chose to report on this interaction

1) Introduction
a) Orchid seed production and structure
b) Orchid flower structure
2) Mycorrhizae
a) Mycorrhizal fungi
i) Endomycorrhizae
ii) Ectomycorrhizae
3) General info. Concerning mycorrhizae interactions
a) Symbioses
4) Function of Orchidaceous mycorrhizae
a) Intro
b) Seed germination
c) Nutrient exchange
5) Orchid control of fungi colonisation
6) Conclusion


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