Outline #2 medicinal uses of the rainforest

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Tara and Scott SCUBA along the Wall at Runway Ten, 15 m deep, San Salvador, Bahamas.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Revised Costa Rica Outline
This outline is less detailed but contains all of the info on the previous one. I just structured it
differently and added a few more sources and a little more info.
I. Introduction
A. Biodiversity statistics
B. Why biodiversity of rainforest is so important for medicine
II. Specimen collection approaches
A. Biodiversity-based approach
B. Using interactions between organisms and chemotaxic relationships
C. Ethnobotanical approach
III. Process after collection
A. Shipping to drug companies and research organizations
B. Trials and approval by FDA
IV. Searching for anti-cancer drugs
A. Importance of rainforest for finding cure to cancer
B. Some anti-cancer drugs already discovered
C. Promising anti-cancer products today
V. Searching for AIDS drugs
A. Some AIDS drugs already discovered
B. Some promising AIDS drugs today
VI. Other important rainforest plants used for medicine
VII. Why some do not believe rainforest is the place to look for new drugs
A. Could lead to further destruction of rainforest
B. Other techniques are faster and cheaper
VIII. Conclusion
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