Aquaculture in Southern Florida-Draft #1

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Aquaculture, similar to agriculture, but relating to the water instead of the land is used within the agribusiness for many different resources. Aquaculture is the cultivation of aquatic organisms (plants or animals) for human use. Aquaculture is the most diverse form of agribusiness. I plan on teaching the class what aquatic organisms are cultivated from aquaculture. How these cultivations take place. What resources are necessary for this type of farming. How this affects our earth and what type of relationship the people who do this work must have with the land. I feel that this is a topic of importance, because it is such a diverse form of agriculture. In order for this to occur the marine environment has to be worked with immensely and resources for the production of aquatic organisms have to be manipulated by humans. I want to discover these methods and relate them to the class as well.
Discussion Outline:
*Intro to aquaculture
*What is produced?
*Who produces?
*How produced? Resources necessary?
*What is this used for/ useful for?
*How does this affect the earth?


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