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Ever since I did my first, and only night dive down in Grand Cayman for Freshman Spring Break, I have been interested in the completely different life on the coral reefs after sunset. It is amazing what one would miss if they only dove during the day. There are myriad of fish and species distinguished solely by night. I just took this topic, not knowing initially what exactly it was I wanted to concentrate on, and read and researched the environment by night on coral reefs.

I. Introducion
A. Rush Hour
1. Enchanted Braid
2. Changeover
a. Sleep/wake
b. Feed

II. Nocturnal Environment
A. Contrast day
1. Sun rays-angle
2. More available food
a. Predation peak
B. Behavior
1. Feeding
2. Mating

III. Fish Type
A. Diurnal
1. Defense Mechanisms
a. Triggerfish
b. Parrotfish
c. Wrasses
d. Others
B. Crepuscular
1. Description/light difference
a. Barracudas
b. Jacks
c. Lizardfish
d. Groupers
C. Nocturnal
1. Contrast diet
a. Carnivorous
b. Food availability
2. Fish
a. Dwarf Scorpionfish
b. Squirrelfish
c. Cardinalfish
d. Snappers
e. Drumfish
f. Soapfish
f. Grunts
g. Sweepers
h. Eels
3. Moon light
a. Effect on behavior
4. Mollusks
a. Octopus
5. Arthropods
a. Shrimp
b. Crab
c. Lobster


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