Global Warming and its' Impact on the Ocean

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Research summary:
My interest in global warming stems more from curiosity than apprehension. IÕm intrigued with a phenomenon that can melt ice sheets like ice cubes and I canÕt help but wonder about itsÕ possible ramifications.
The topic of global warming is not only important, it is also extremely complex. For example, there is the ongoing debate about how much of it is due to a natural cycle and to what degree humans influence it. While analyzing the causes is a daunting task, charting itsÕ future course is even more challenging. Therefore, the most appropriate response to global warming research is to recognize that it needs to be done, but acknowledge the probability of numerous revisions as time clarifies all the variables involved.

The goals of my research include:
ü Clarifying the process of global warming.
ü Scanning the evidence for global warming.
ü Considering the challenges faced by those doing global warming research.
ü Considering a few of the marine consequences of global warming.

I. Introduction.
a. Motivation for choosing global warming.
b. Objectives.

II. The cause of global warming.
a. Greenhouse gases.
b. Sources of greenhouse gases.
c. Interaction of solar radiation and greenhouse gases.

III. Global warming research.
a. The data.
b. Challenges associated with global warming research.
1. Interactions of earth cycles and human influence.
2. Problems with global warming models.

IV. Consequences.
a. Saltwater intrusion of costal aquifers.
b. Ocean circulation disruption.
c. Disruption of costal wetlands.
d. Coral reef bleaching.

1. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration @

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A Delphic Monte Carlo Analysis in which Twenty Researchers Specify Subjective Probability Distributions for Model Coefficients within their Respective Areas of Expertise
James G. Titus U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Vijay Narayanan Technical Resources International

5. Greenhouse Effect, Sea Level Rise, and Salinity in the Delaware Estuary (1986, 1.1M PDF), was a joint report from the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Delaware River Basin Commission, edited by C.H.J Hull and J.G. Titus (EPA 230-05-86-010).

6. Henry Ritson of Amateur Astronomy & Earth Sciences, December 1995

7. EPA, Global Warming Emissions @

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