Hydrological Restoration of the Everglades FINAL

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Hurricane Erika, despite strong westerlies just to her west, gets her act together. Note the dense central overcast and the well developed, compact eye.View an MPG Movie of her intensification!

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The Everglades is one of the largest, most complex ecosystem ever found on the face of the Earth. However over the past 100 years it has underground such drastic changes that the original ecosystem may be lost forever. The changes have been somewhat natural, but human interaction has caused some of the largest losses. Recently the effects of these changes have become noticeable. Therefore this has caused the introduction of new legislation in an effort to fix what has been destroyed. Will the efforts prove useful? Only time will answer that question.

I. What is the Everglades?
II. The cause of the deterioration of the Everglades
A. Natural
1. Hurricanes
2. Flooding
B. Man-made
1. Central and South Florida Project
2. Agriculture
III. Effects
A. Reduction in size
1. Smaller head exerting pressure against salt water intrusion
2. Reduced and changed ecosystems
B. Change in chemical makeup
IV. Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP)
A. Intentions
1. Provide flood control
2. Maintain drinking water supply
3. Revive ecosystems
B. Potential Effects
1. Increased water flow
2. Further damage?
3. Beyond the Everglades

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