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The back of our truck was home on San Salvador in the Bahamas

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Jennifer Rieman

Outline for paper
Topic: Starfish

Summary paragraph: For my paper I intend to explore starfish. I chose this topic because I know next to nothing about starfish, but I find the animal to be quite interesting and beautiful. In my paper I will discuss basics such as habitat, feeding and mating. I will also get into specifics about starfish in the Bahamas. For example, what species are commonly found and what the current health of the population is. If I can find enough information, I would also like to touch on the environmental impacts of natural as well as human impacts on the species.

I. Introduction
a. paragraph summing intentions of paper

II. Discussion of biology of the species
a. Varieties of species
b. Species endemic to the Bahamas, including species that we will most likely see
c. Evolutionary history of the phylum—other classes in the phylum

III. Mating habits
a. time
b. method
c. duration
d. survival rate
IV. Habitat
a. where populations are most densely concentrated
b. what kind of water/depth are most common

V. Feeding
a. what they eat
b. other info

VI. General information that is interesting
a. hydro-vascular system

VII. Conclusion
a. what was learned
b. closing thoughts


Starfishes of the Atlantic
By Alisa McGown Clark
London; New York: Chapman and Hall, 1992

Report of the starfishes of the West Indies, Florida and Brazil including those obtained by the Bahama expedition from the University of Iowa in 1983.
By Addison Emery Verrill
Iowa City: The University

Sea Stars and their Kin
By Herbert S. Zim and Lucretia Krantz
New York; Morrow, 1976.

By Edith Thacher Hurd
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: HarperCollins, 2000.

Asteroidea of North Pacific and adjacent waters
By Walter Kenrick Fisher
Smithsonian Institute
Washington, DC

Artificial membrane-formation and chemical fertilization in a starfish (Asterina)
By Jacques Loeb
From the Rudolph Spreckles Physiological Laboratory of the University of California
Berkeley, The University Press, 1905.

A historical study of transplantation reactions in the Sea Star, Dermasterias imbricata
By Jayashree Varadarajan
Thesis: University of Cincinnati

Catalog of the type specimens of seastars (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
By Cynthia Gust Ahearn
Washington, DC

Arkonaster, a new multi-armed starfish from the Middle Devonian Arkona Shale of Ontario
By Robert V. Kesling
Ann Arbor, Mich.; Museum of Paleontology

A field guide to sea stars and other echinoderms of Galapagos
By Cleveland P. Hickman
Lexingtong, VA: Sugar Spring press, 1998

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