Parrot Fish

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Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

I am going to give a talk on Parrot fish for my class presentation this summer. Parrot fish (Order Perciformes, Family scaridae) are very common to the reefs that we will be studying in the Bahamas. These fish have some very interesting traits, including unique sleeping habits and a hermaphroditic reproductive strategy. I have been interested in these fish since I first saw them in St. Thomas when I was 15 years old.

I. Taxonomy
II. Range
III. Food habits, feeding behavior
IV. Fecundity
A. Reproductive habits (time and place of spawning)
B. Spawning behavior
V. Age and growth
VI. Environmental requirements and tolerances
A. Temperature
B. Oxygen
C. Salinity
D. Light
E. Current/Depth
VII. Evolutionary history
VIII. History in relation to humans


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