This we should know about hurricanes Draft#1

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Travis had a blast exploring Lighthouse Cave on San Salvador, Bahamas. See other beautiful phenomena from the Bahamas.

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Summary paragraph: For my paper I would like to explain the characteristics of hurricanes. I chose topic because I have experienced first hand what danger a hurricane can bring. I have survived through two hurricanes and I saw the damage they caused. I will discuss what a hurricane is, what forms them, and where/ when they happen. I would also like to discuss how we can predict a hurricane and how to prepare for one.

I. Introduction
a. summary of intentions of paper

II. What are hurricanes
a. where hurricane gets its name
b. description of a hurricane
c. what their origin is

III. How they develope
a. temperature of ocean waters
b. wind directions
c. tropical disturbance
d. tropical depression
e. Coriolis force
f. tropical storm
g. hurricane

IV. Where/When they happen
a. lattitudes where they are common
b. months they are common in North Atlantic
c. months they are common in Southern Hemisphere

VI. The structure of a hurricane
a. eye
b. eye wall
c. rainbands
d. outflow shield
e. storm surges

VII. Classification of hurricanes
a. The Saffir-Simpson Scale
b. naming hurricanes

VIII. How we predict hurricanes
a. satellites
b. computers
c. weather balloons

IX. Safety during a hurricane
a. when a hurricane watch is issued
b. when a hurricane warning is issued
c. after the storm

X. Conclusion
a. what we learned
b. interesting facts about hurricanes


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