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Rebecca Weber
Outline for paper
Topic: The Decline and Management of the Southern Bluefin Tuna

Summary paragraph: My paper will intend to explore the topic of the decline and management of the Southern Bluefin Tuna. I chose this topic because I am an avid Sushi fan and am curious as to why the SBT is so much more expensive than the rest. My paper will discuss the marketing of fish specifying the Southern Bluefin Tuna. It will also discuss a background of the SBT including breeding grounds, migration and size. I will also talk about the price per fish and what this means. Also I will talk about the fishing of the Tuna including treaties and management to keep the population at a healthy sustainable level.

I. Introduction
a. paragraph summing the marketing of fish and what I would like to show

II. Background on species
a. breeding
b. migration
c. evolution (I.e. size/ speed etc)

III. Use for sushi/Prices
a. expensive
Example of Tuna sold at a high price
b. amount fished

IV. Protection of species
a. population fallen below maximum sustainable yield
b. voluntary catch quota
c. tagging Tuna

V. Countries that disobey Tuna laws
a. experimental fishing program
b. legal battles
c. Japan
1. over fished
2. What to do about extra tons fished that they were not allowed to fish

V. How to fish species
a. long line method
b. purse methods
c. examples of both

VII. Conclusion
a. what to do about the decline in tuna amount
b. closing thoughts
c. comments on paper

ABARE 1999, Southern Bluefin Tuna and CITES: An economic perspective, ABARE Canberra

Baldock, Julia.  “Commentary: determining the fate of Southern bluefin tuna -
            International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.” Environmental and Planning Law Journal v17 i3, June 2000: 157

Commission for the Conservation of the Southern Blue Fin Tuna. http://www.ccsbt.org/docs/about.html

Earle, Sylvia. “Requiem for the Perfect Fish.(Bluefin Tuna).” Rodale's Scuba Diving. V8 i5 June 1999: 17(1).

Environment News Service (1999) "Bluefin Tuna Fishing could Land Japan in
Court" at website: http://ens.lycos.com/ens/jun99/1999L-06-11-04.html

Fiseries Global Information System. FIGIS
http://www.fao.org/fiservlet/org.fao.fi.common.FiRefServlet?ds=fishtech&fid=10 09

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Research Implications of Adopting the Precautionary Approach to Management of Tuna Fisheries. Rome: FAO, 2001.

Franklin, Peter. “Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery.” Symposium on the Exploitation and Management of Marine Fishery Resources in Southeast Asia. Bangkok (1987): 412426

Parnell, Mark, “Southern Bluefin Tuna Feedlotting -- ESD, the Precautionary
            Principle and Burden of Proof.” Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy v2 i3, Fall 1999: 334                                                                             

“Stubborn Japanese seafood distributor pays a record $260,000 for
            blue-fin tuna at auction.” National Post 6 Jan. 2001: A11

Thornton, Mark. “Australia, Japan bury hatchet over tuna quotas.(Commission for the
            Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna.” Food Chemical News v43 i16, 4 June 2001: 25

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