Community-based Conservation in Costa Rica draft 3

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This stingray seems to be flying at Molasses Reef, Key Largo, Florida.

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Community-based Conservation in Costa Rica:
Costa Rica is a small, beautiful country with a relatively stable democracy in place. Home to several types of forests, as well as mangroves, wetlands, and volcanoes, Costa Rica has a rich biodiversity of life that is protected under 30 national parks, refuges and reserves; in all, 27% of the country is under some sort of environmental protection or reserve (2). With its incredible biodiversity and stable, environmental-minded government, Costa Rica has garnered the attention of conservationists worldwide. This sort of attention has the potential to bring mixed results, with respect to both the indigenous populations as well as the natural systems intended for protection.

I. Background of Costa Rican Conservation Efforts
A. Politics and the environment
B. National Park System

II. Community-based Conservation
A. Conceptual Overview
B. Applications on Costa Rica
1. drawbacks and advantages
2. examples of successful community-based methods
(a) ecotourism?
(b) indigenous park rangers/managers

III. Comparison of community-based methods to conventional and historical conservation methods
A. [brief] overview of conventional/historical methods
1. focus mainly on species or isolated habitat
2. outsiders (their $$) drive the scope
B. Comparison
1. Effects of conventional methods
(a) indigenous population
(i) displacement and marginalization
(ii) economics
(iii) lost cultural resources
(b) environmental effects
2. Effects of community-based methods
(a) indigenous population
(b) environmental effects

IV. Closing comments

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