Diversity of Plant-Pollinator Interactions in Costa Rica

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Check out this spider! Thank God they're small! See other arachnids from Costa Rica.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

There are a vast variety of plant-pollinator interactions in tropical ecosystems. Many plants have co-evolved very close, specific relationships with their pollinators. However, there are those that have taken advantage of this mutualistic arrangement. Examples of nectar robbery and thievery abound as the benefit is tipped in the favor of pollinators. Costa Rica has a wide diversity of plants and the examples of plant-pollinator interactions are endless. As researchers become increasingly aware of these interactions, the importance of conserving the delicate balance in human-altered lanscapes is readily apparent.

I. Plant-pollinator Interactions
a. Mutualism
b. Nectar Robbers and Thieves

Examples from Costa Rica
I. Insect Pollinators
a. hawkmoths
b. bees

II. A Bird Pollinator
- hummingbirds

III. Mammal Pollinators
a. bats
b. opossum


Initial Reference List:

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