Draft#1- Deforestation and hydrologic disturbance in the Tropics

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Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Justification: Currently there are many tropical countries clearing their forests. The clearing of forests causes habitat fragmentation, loss of biodiversity, increase of atmospheric CO2 levels and hydrological disturbance. From a macro-scale perspective, deforestation as a problem to society should be understood under two dualistic approaches. I propose that the effects of deforestation occur simultaneously in two main Earth spheres; namely Hydrosphere and Atmosphere. The main emphasis of this topic/presentation will be on the hydrosphere and several processes within it. I intend to use maps and summarized tabular data & graphs to quantify the temporal rates of forest cover change from tropical countries. As part of this research, I will explore to what extent management and planning strategies could form part of the solution to some or all? the deleterious effects caused by deforestation.

Topic/Presentation Objectives:

1) Introduce a “dualistic” conceptualization of deforestation.
2) Demonstrate how the causes of deforestation contribute directly to changes in hydrologic and atmospheric processes over time (will provide examples).
3) Show maps to demonstrate temporal/spatial land-cover changes.
4) Explore management and planning options as part of the solution to deforestation in the Tropics.

Research Outline

A. Introduction/Background: The “dualistic” impacts of deforestation
-Hydrosphere – Changes in the hydrological flow regime
-Atmosphere – Climatic Change
-Examples of each (Hydrosphere & Atmosphere)

B. Causes of deforestation
-Land-use Policy
-Temporal Population Growth
-Temporal/Spatial Land-Use/Land-cover changes
-Others …

C. Consequences of deforestation in the hydrological flow regime: A dynamic understanding of processes

D. Deforestation Statistics and land-cover changes for several countries within the Tropics
-Tabular Data

E. Management & Planning strategies used to mitigate the impacts of deforestation on hydrology

F. References

--Journal Articles--

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--Web Sources--



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