Draft 1: Employment In Costa Rica

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We had a terrific group of people in our recent course in the Bahamas

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Employment In Costa Rica

When one thinks of Costa Rica, bananas and coffee first comes to mind. True, agriculture is the country's largest industry, but is it the only option? I will try to examine the way of life for many in the country, as well as less popular, but still relevant jobs in this Central American Country. Many tourists come to Costa Rica in hope of an easier, simpler life, away from the corruption of the big cities, but most people do not examine the employment opportunities before the move. The increased rate of literacy in the country has also heightened the outlook and wages for residents of Costa Rica. Although coffee and bananas may be a huge part of the economy today, the country may need another industry to fall back on if either of those exports are somehow obliterated.





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I cannot wait to see all of you there! Only 53 days!

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