Education in Costa Rica - Draft #1

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Costa Rica has the highest literacy in Central America. How can a country that is so rural have ways of educating its citizens? I will examine how the government has been instrumental in making an education a possibility for everyone. I will also look at how the role of education has evolved from when Costa Rica became a free nation and present time. This topic looks at how the Costa Rican education system is set up to give an education to all those who desire one. Hopefully, this will provide insight as to how other Central American countries can improve their education systems as well.

I. Structure of Schools
a) Elementary
b) High school
c) University

II. History of Education
a) 1869-1940
b) 1940-present

III. Government Involvement
a) 1869 constitution
b) President Guardia (1940-1944)
c) President Figueres (1994-1998)
d) Present day programs

IV. Conclusion


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