Wind Power in Costa Rica: Draft 1

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The back of our truck was home on San Salvador in the Bahamas

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Wind Power in Costa Rica

I. History of Traditional Sources of Electricity in Costa Rica
A. Advantages of Generating Electricity with Traditional Sources
B. Disadvantages
C. How Electricity is Generated
II. Brief Overview of Different Types of Renewable Energy
A. Solar
B. Hydoelectric
C. Geothermal
D. Biomass
E. Wind
III. History of Wind Power in Costa Rica
A. Advantages of Wind Power
B. Disadvantages of Wind Power
C. How Wind Power is Generated
IV. Wind Power Companies
V. Past and Current Movements to Increase Use of Wind Power in Costa Rica/ Movements Against Use of Wind Power
VI. Future of Wind Power in Costa Rica

Scientists have recently discovered many environmental problems associated with traditional methods of generating electricity. I am interested in learning what the government and businesses are doing to promote renewable energy in Costa Rica. I would also like to learn more about how wind power is generated.
-Information on different energy companies
-Wind turbines
-Solar energy
-Costa Rica's environmental plans
-IFC's website
-Information on renewable energy in different countries
-Wind power project
-Renewable energy
-Costa Rica energy
-Wind power becoming more widespread
-Wind turbine approved 1995
-Evaluation of environmental effects of wind turbines
-Wind power all over world

Kammen, Daniel M. “Cooking in the Sunshine.” Nature 29 Nov. 1990.
-Energy in developing/developed countries

Myers, Norman. “Lifting the Veil on Perverse Subsidies.” Nature 26 Mar. 1998.
-Problems with traditional sources of power

Frazzetto, Giovanni and Frischknecht, Friedrich. “Local Solutions for Global Problems.” Nature 1 Jun. 2003.
-Renewable energy in Costa Rica

Carless, Jennifer. Renewable Energy. New York: Walter and Company, 1993.
-Solar, biomass, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal energy

Pratt, Christine. “Steep Power-Rate Hike Stands.” The Tico Times 20 Dec. 2003.
-Wind power in Costa Rica

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