A Closer Look at the Ants of Costa Rica

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This thunderstorm was right at flight level. See other beautiful phenomena from the Bahamas.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

We tend to forget about things that are small to the eye buts ants prove to be a necessary part of the neotropical ecosystem in Costa Rica. In my paper I plan to present information on ants including the species types and hierarchy that is present in most colonies along with how researchers in the field capture these ants. Finally I will present a side of ants that many do not realize is occurring everyday, Ant-plant mutualism
I. Introduction to Ants
A. family
B. taxonomy
C. characteristics

II. Costa Rica species

III. Hierarchy
A. Workers
B. Foragers
C. Queen

III. Capturing Methods
A. Winkler
B. Berlease
C. Malaise trap samples
D. Sweep net sampling

V. Ant-plant Mutualism
Azteca ants and Cecropia trees

VI. Conclusion on Ant Species


Andrade, J. C. de, and J. P. P. Carauta. 1982. The Cecropia-Azteca association: a case of mutualism? Biotropica 14:15.

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Schupp, E. W. 1986. Azteca protection of Cecropia: ant occupation benefits juvenile trees. Oecologia 70:379-385


Ant-plant relations

Neotropical Myremecology

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