Bat Conservation in Costa Rica- Topic Selection and Outline

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Acropora palmata is an important indicator species of barrier reefs in the tropical Atlantic. Fire coral are also abundant in the Bahamas.

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I will be discussing the conservation strategies of bats in Costa Rica. The discussion will include information on the various species of bats found in Costa Rica, why these bats are important, and specific strategies that are being done to preserve these species. I feel this topic is important because many people are unaware of the beneficial services bats provide to ecosystems throughout the world.

Bat Conservation in Costa Rica

I Introduction
A. Why bat conservation is important
B. Factors influencing the declination of bat populations
1. Increased agriculture
2. Urban Development
3. Improper bat control efforts
C. Bat species found in Costa Rica
1. Honduran white bat (Ectophylla alba)
2. False vampire bat (Vampyrum spectrum)
3. Sucker-footed bats (of the genus Thyroptera)
4. Yellow-shouldered bat (Sturnira mordax)
II Conservation strategies
A. Educational Programs
1. Museums
2. Books
3. Workshops
B. Conservation Programs
1. increased data collection
a. Use of bat detectors
b. Use of mist nets
III Biological and Economic Importance
A. Pollination
B. Rabies/ health issues
C. Biodiveristy
D. Insect control
IV Conclusion


Bat C.R.E.W. Rabies and Health Information. Available from the worldwide wed.

Fenton, M. Brock. Bats. New York, NY: Checkmark Books, c2001.

Jacobson, Susan K. (edited by). Conserving Wildlife: International Education and Communication Approaches. New York: Columbia University Press, c1995.

Kunz, Thomas H., and Paul A. Racey (edited by). Bat Biology and Conservation.
Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998.

LaVal, Richard K. and Bernal Rodriguez-Herrera. Conserving Costa Rica's Bats: A New Program Takes 110 Bat Species Under its Wing. Bat Conservation International.

Mori, Scott A. Bat/Plant Interactions in the Neotropics. The New York Botanical Garden. Last updated: Wed 07/21/2004.

Organization for Tropical Studies. List of Mammals at La Selva Biological Monitoring Station.

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