Costa Rica’s land use and the impact on stream quality

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A swim in a tropical stream, Corcovado Natl Park.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

I. Land use
a. Changes in land use over time from past to present
b. What is the main type of land use presently
c. Current issues affecting land use.
i. Changes around San Jose
II. Stream impacts
a. Size and type of streams
b. Determining the source of sediment pollutants
c. Stream stability
i. What classifies a stable stream
ii. Are the streams in Costa Rica stable
III. Regulations
a. How important is stream stability to Costa Rica
i. Current regulations
ii. Future plans
IV. Future outlook
a. Improvement or deterioration of streams
b. Importance of healthy streams
c. Human impacts on stream health

Kim, Evelyn, et al. “Water quality study of a cloudforest watershed in Monteverde, Costa Rica.” Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America, v. 34 issue 1, 2002, p. 18.

Krishnaswamy, Jagdish; Halpin, Patrick N.; Richter, Daniel D."Dynamics of sediment discharge in relation to land-use and hydro-climatology in a humid tropical watershed in Costa Rica." Journal of Hydrology Vol. 253, no. 1-4. Amsterdam : Elsevier, Nov. , 15 2001.

Carlson, T.N. "Satellite Remote Sensoring of Land Use Changes in and around San Jose, Costa Rica" Remost Sensoring Environment 70. (1999) P.247-256

Colby, Jeffery. "Simulation of Costa Rica Watershed: Resolution Effects and FActors." Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. July/August 2001 vol. 126 issue 4 p. 261

Jannson, Margareta. "Determining sediment source areas in a tropical river basin, Costa Rica." Catena 47. (2002) p. 83-84

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