Global Distribution and Anthropogenic effects of Mangrove Forest Ecosystems #1

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A sobering view of a Two-toed Sloth as it makes its way along utility lines on our way to Monteverde Preserve. This is what can happen to animals faced with disappearing habitat.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

I plan to explain the causal effects of mangrove stability and instability as well as there ability to be distributed globally. Starting off with paleogeographic interpretations of mangrove origins in Southeast Asian coasts, I plan to elaborate on the ability of mangroves to become a biodiverse globally persisting ecosystem and how this process occured. Also of relevance would be the Anthropogenic perturbations that effect the ecosystem, the natural disturbances that occur, and the regeneration processes. Finally, what is there in store for conservation approaches to prevent further destruction of mangroves and their environmental goods and services provided to the globe.

A. 3 Types of Mangroves
1. Fringe
2. Riverine
3. Basin
4. Comparisons
B. Origins of Mangroves
1. Relations to coral reefs
2. Quarternary temperature effects
C. Global Distribution
1. Quarternary Environment
2. Sea-Level Change
D. Anthropogenic Disturbances
1. Road Construction
2. Upland Forest Clearing
3. Pohnpei Island Mangrove
E. Natural Disturbances
1. Hurricanes
2. Regeneration
F. Conservation
1. Best Management Practices
2. Understanding goods and services of Mangroves
G. Conclusion


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