Primates of Costa Rica: Outline

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Acropora palmata is an important indicator species of barrier reefs in the tropical Atlantic. Fire coral are also abundant in the Bahamas.

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Costa Rican forests hold a vast array of flora and fauna. There are four main species of primates found in Costa Rica, including Capuchin,Spider,Howler and Squirrel monkeys. As the crisis of the rapidly disappearing rain forests of Central America continues, the destruction of these ecosystems is having a very detrimental effect on the habitats of these primates. It is important to understand their behavior, diet, habitat and their importance in the rain forest community so that we can strive to conserve the resources that maintain these species for future generations.

I. Introduction

A.What is a primate?
B.New world monkeys

III. Habitats
A.Rain forest canopy,undergrowth,climate

A.Capuchin monkey
1.Physical appearance
a.Distinct white faces
b.Medium size
2.Diet-feeding and foraging behavior
a.Treetop and forest floor foraging
b.Bird eggs,lizards,insects
c.Meticulous eating behaviors
3.Social organization

B.Spider monkey
1.Physical appearance
a.Long limbs, prehensile tails
2.Diet-feeding and foraging behavior
a.Fruits-often use tails to gather food
3.Social organization
a. Group and solitary behavior

C.Howler monkey
1.Physical appearance
a.Largest of the Central American monkeys
b.Prehensile tails
2.Diet-feeding and foraging behavior
a. Selective eating habits
b. Leaves,Fruit
3.Social organization
a. Territorial groups-use vocal communication

D.Squirrel monkey
1.Physical appearance
a.Smallest of the Costa Rican primates
2.Diet-feeding and foraging behavior
b.Similar diets to the capuchins-some competition
3.Social organization
a. Very Gregarious-groups of 40 or more

V. Primates as members of Rain forest communities
A. Role within the ecosystem

VI. Primate and Rain forest conservation
A. Importance of maintaining our resources

VII. Conclusion

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