Draft 2: Sea Slug Diversity and the Effects of Pollution in the Coral Reefs

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Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Sea Slug Diversity and their precarious situation as a result of Coral Reef Pollution and Destruction

I have always been interested in sea slugs because of their intense color patterns and unique lifestyle. In this project I hope to shed light on and learn more about their lifestyle and characteristics that make them so interesting and spectacular. I will also go into detail on the different ways in which current polluting of the coral reefs is affecting sea slugs as well as the combined biota that inhabit the same ecosystem.

I- Introduction to Sea Slugs
A. Lifestyle
1. Physical Characteristics
2. Abnormalities in body shape
3. Coral feeding
3. Predators
4. Aposematic Coloration
B. Varieties

II- Pollution as a threat to coral reef life
A. Types of pollution
B. Direct effects on Sea Slugs
C. What changes must be made now to save coral reef life?

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