Intro to Coral Bleaching and Global Climate Change

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Check out this huge M. annularis and accompanying fish at Molasses Reef, Key Largo, Florida.

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I plan to discuss the basic ecological properties of coral reefs and how coral bleaching occurs. I plan to then elaborate on the implications on several factors affecting coral reefs as a direct cause of global climate change and anthropogenic effects. Some of these include: El Nino and La Nina, diseases and pathogens, storm surges, land use and water management practices, and sea surface temperatures.

I. What is Coral Bleaching
A. Intro
1. Environmental conditions
2. Symbiotic algae

II. Ecological Implications
A. Disease
1. Pathogens
B. Symbiotic Relationships
C. Storm Surges
D. Land use and Water management practices

III. Global Climate Change Implications
A. El Nino and La Nina
B. Sea Surface Temperature

IV. Conservation Methods
A. Policy
B. 1999 State Dept. Report

V. Conclusion


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