The Stress of Pollution on Bahamian Ecosystems

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Cause and Effect of Coastal Pollution
The Bahamas are a region of great beauty, but like most places these days, pollution runs rampant and plagues this area of extensive diversity. Tourists frequent the area and account for a massive part of the country's economy, but what most travelers aren't aware of is the drastic effects that the resort industry has on the area. I hope to discuss the different types of air, water, and land pollution that is taking place right now, as well as what the people of the Bahamas are doing to alleviate the detrimental results. Also, I'd like to bring to light what tourists can do to make sure their money will benefit these islands by practicing ecotourism.

I. Introduction to Bahamas
II. Economy
III. Types of Species and Diversity
IV. Pollution
V. People of the Bahamas
VI. Ecotourism
VII. Damage to Marine Areas on a Larger Scale
a. Possible Solutions
b. Conclusion

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