Outline: Population Viability Analysis of the Lemon Shark

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A Magnificent Frigate chick and "thrown-up" squid in Grahams Harbor, San Salvador, Bahamas. See other beautiful phenomena from the Bahamas.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

I plan to perform a population viability analysis (PVA) on the Lemon Shark, using a formula provided by Dr Thomas Crist, professor of Ecology here at Miami University. The PVA uses three variables to determine discrete population viability for organisms. Dr Crist uses this project for his Fundamentals of Ecology (Zoo 204) class and I thought it would be a very interesting project to apply to our class. The Lemon Shark is found along the Eastern Coast of the Americas from New Jersey to Brazil and there are many studies done concerning the population viability of the Lemon Shark in the Bahamian area.

To begin my presentation I will give background information on the Lemon shark, followed by an explanation of the project and how it works, and then I will explain the results, and finally analyze and discuss the importance of the results and how it relates to us. The project inherently produces several charts and graphs that I will be able to explain and show to the class, along with pictures of the Lemon Shark. This project should produce plenty of information and will be sufficient enough to fill the time requirement. Not to mention it is very interesting as I will be producing unique information based on scientific numbers.

Below I have listed seven sources for background information on the Lemon Shark and its population concerns. I will not be using these sites to populate the PVA graph because it requires scientific journals to produce accurate information. However I will be using these websites to learn more about the Lemon Shark so I can provide plenty of background information.

Negaprion brevirostris: Lemon shark

Bimini Biological Field Station

Saving the Lemon Shark

Shark Nursery Yields Secrets of Breeding

Survival of Juvenile Lemon Sharks

Marine Biology: Lemon Shark

Lemon Shark Photos

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