Amphibian Declines in Costa Rica

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Jeremy touches a sea turtle at the wall break, 25 m deep, San Salvador, Bahamas.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Natalie Fath
Geology 512
Costa Rica Outline

I. Introduction
A. trends in population declines over time
B. some stats about declines (Stuart et. al 2004)
C. introduce examples: Bufo periglenes (Golden Toad), Atelopus sp. (Harlequin frogs), and Dendrobates (Poison Dart Frog sp.)
D. introduce reason for species declines: enigmatic declines,
Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Chytrid fungus), habitat loss, and global climate change
E. What, if anything is being done?

II. Amphibian Importance in Costa Rica
A. Diversity (Nature Conservancy: Costa Rica covers only 0.01 percent of the Earth’s landmass, but is believed to host approximately 5% of its biodiversity)
1. amphibian species diversity
2. habitat diversity
B. Role as “Bioindicators”

III. Species being Affected (background info, habitat, status, reason for decline)
A. Golden Road:
B. Harlequin frogs
C. Poison Dart frogs

IV. Causes of Amphibian Declines
A. enigmatic declines
B. Chytrid fungus
C. habitat loss
D. global climate change

V. Conservation/Protection Efforts: What is being done?
A. Costa Rica
B. Internationally

VI. Conclusion: The Future of Amphibians
A. Resources/Quotes
B. Amphibian decline predictions
1. rates of decline
2. predicted species loss

(Optional Paragraph)
VII. Take Action: What can YOU do?
A. Resources, recommendations
B. organizations to contact

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